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Ei'osh is a male rider specializing in riding gear repair

Rides Bronze Jiioth

Ever since he was a child, Einalosh was terrified of high places. Even climbing onto the outside of the caravan he rode in, made him all but frozen with fear. So it was a bit weird to him that a search rider came for him at all. What use could he be on a dragon's back? Way up there? His first trip to a weyr on dragonback had him passed out by the time they came out from Between. But at the same time, his innate ability to sense the thoughts of dragons roused him. He heard their concerns, and understood that there was never a moment when any dragon would allow him to come to harm. He felt a new strength. Though he's always going to be afraid to stand alone on the fire heights, or even just sitting or riding... He knows that there will always be a dragon to help should he need it.

He once thought, when his (surprisingly) bronze dragon Jiioth first did that inverted roll, that he was done for. But this has merely sparked his almost obsessive interest in riding straps and harnesses. He is the one who every student and weyrbrat goes to for instructions on how to repair and strap into their dragon riding gear. Though Jiioth seems a bit ... crazy, in the air, it's been his intent to impress upon his rider that there's nothing he can't do - he's stuck on the dragon like glue.

Height: an average-height person, Build: thin as a twig
Skin: very pale, almost albino, Hair: prematurely white, Hairstyle: hardly wavy, to waist, Eyes: dark brown

Searched: a couple weeks before Standing
Impressed 14 years ago

Before riding, was a Wanderer
Age at Impression: 11, born on Pern
Siblings: 3
Born: second
Legitimacy: born in a single-parent home
Literacy Level: can only read very simple things
Politeness Level: they are known for being extremely polite and deferential to their superiors and others
Focus: their attention might slip a bit but they are usually focused on their work,
though their work is only a small fraction of their true obsession
This character isn't winning any beauty contests
They are neither truly giving or selfish

Values and Goals
Enjoys: the unusual trait that they can hear dragons speaking
Enjoys deeply: a Guild hall
Moderate goal: build or create
Extremely strong fear: heights
Very weak hatred: a friend

Color: Bronze Jiioth
Gender: Male
Rank: Wing Rider, Weyrling Training wing
Personality: daring; foolhardy, reckless, courageous, gutsy; daring

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