Welcome to Dragonhope Weyr's sands! - last update March 16 2005

This Weyr is set at the end of the 10th Interval, about 20 or so years before the *expected* start of the 11th Pass. Whether the Pass begins or not, this Weyr is gearing up by having more Queens stand on their sands, and are encouraging new arrivals to check whether the Queens think they are good for their offspring to choose from.

Because of the isolated nature of this far-northerly coastal Weyr, several things are just a bit different from those in more prosperous areas of the world. One is that crafters are encouraged to stand for Impression just as often as Holders or other such available folk. The only people not truly welcomed on the Sands are those who have severe disabilities either mentally or physically. No person who has a serious disability will be allowed into a fighting wing, at Dragonhope - however there are other wings to be placed in, if one does find their way to Impress.

Also - people of a more extended age group, from 10 to around 40, will be accepted. So long as the person has been Searched, by our searchrider or by anyone else's, they will be welcome on the Sands.

((old information - please continue reading for updated info!)) You enter the huge cavern but it is dark. The sands are obviously quite warm, but they are uninhabited at the moment.

You take a brief tour, anyway. It isn't like there are eggs on the sands, when you would feel like a real intruder, but it still makes you slightly uneasy. There are still bits of shells from the hatching which must have been several sevendays ago. You pick up one of them, a thick brittle piece of opalescent shell.

You wonder which hatchling might have come from this shell?

Then, you hear a noise behind you. It is a shifting of dragon feet, plus human steps. What will you do? Your heart speeds but then you remember you aren't doing anything wrong...

"Hello?" You say, hesitant.

"Ah, I was wondering if anyone was here," a young man's voice comes to you. He is followed by a weyrling-sized dragon, perhaps a turn old. The dragon is still very big, but not nearly as large as he will be when he hits his adult size! The blue rider looks at you oddly. He holds a basket of glows, and shakes it up to provide some light on the scene.

It doesn't help your jumpy heart! The sands look like a lunar landscape, dotted with pits and footsteps, and you can see where the tails of the hatchlings might have curved into the sand as they left their shells.

"I Impressed Vizth here not so long ago, but those shells aren't from his clutch. I wonder why they haven't cleared out the remnants yet." The young man says, and the blue behind him chirrups almost like a fire lizard. "I know, but it's sad. It was so colorful and wonderful. I wanted to be in the stands for this last clutch but we had to train flights and we couldn't. But maybe the next time!"

The youth introduces himself as L'go, and then turns to go back to his own weyr.

You head back to the main entrance, thanking the young rider, but he is already gone.

Current Sands Status:

OPEN! Two gold clutches at once! Special Nexus Giveaway + Candidates taken

CANDIDATES (last update 12/27/09)

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Female Candidate
Male Candidate

But be sure to read the (UPDATED) Before trying out!

If you think you've got a candidate ready to Impress at Dragonhope, please send a flit!

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