This will be the home of the Usagi Shimai, the 'rabbit sisters' species who were created by me, Lethe. A sort of combination of Tenchi Muyo, Ah My Goddess, and Usagi Yojimbo - these big-haired and fancy-marked rabbit creatures are half-breeds. Most if not all of their full-blooded men were killed or enslaved during a war in their area. After the lands were reclaimed by Sean Akegata and her husband king Sapadt of Gelgela, and the successful pairing of those two encouraging the female Usagi to try it out, a whole new batch of colorful bunny folk have been created.

Many of the Usagi Shimai people have magic abilities. Most have a gender, some have none, some have both... A good number of the Usagi have traveled to several Nexus worlds, including dragonry sites and hotspot locales like Carramba High school. Most of those offworld are those described here. :)

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