Dragonhope Weyr is a proper, mostly-traditional Pernese Weyr situated in the far north against the sea and backed by snow-capped mountains. With ties to Blackstone Weyr, Alabaster Weyrhold as well as Ablan Hold and other locales, they often send candidates to and from other times to impress wherever possible, and train them in Dragonhope's wings.

S'xon rides stunning bronze Bhavyatath, and has done so for more than fifty turns. His wife and Weyrwoman Kira impressed gold Nozomith just over forty turns ago. They have several children, both with each other and S'xon from a prior relationship, many of whom are riders themselves.

While it appears that they could pass as normal everyday Pernese, neither of them actually are. The longer they hold out before retiring, the more likely that fact is to become known. After all, how many weyrs across Pern could say their leaders remained the same for half a century? (The same, not just two people, but young looking...)

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