All bases on this site come in three skin tones - but please feel free to alter the color or the pose if you need to. Flip or change, but please do not redraw my base and call it your own. If you'd like to suggest or request a new pose, please tell me. I'm open to suggestions and I always love having new poses. These bases are also available as a larger size, but you must email me with the request - they take up too much space on the site, to be put up.

All Abode bases may be drawn on in whatever fashion you see fit HOWEVER you must place a link on the page where each doll you've created with the base appears. Pages which have my artwork and don't credit me will be listed in the BANNED links area, and I hope to never have one of those. Plus, once banned, I will immediately contact the server of the offender and request that the site be removed. That's pretty harsh but it's the way it's going to be. Use the art according to the very simple rules above.

Female Base Sample Image
Allure, of the Storm Mountain holt
Sitar of the Farpack
Brightstar of the First Holt
Senser of the Farpack
Tantumble of the First Holt
Featherstep of the First Holt
Willow of the First Holt
Amberglow of the Farpack
Burgandy of the Farpack
Comet of the First Holt
Male Bases Sample Image
Tarot of the First Holt
Keeper of the First Holt
Glyph of the First Holt
Mothwing of the First Holt
Bladelock of the First Holt
Blackbuck of the Otherforest
Ghost of the First Holt
Harper of the First Holt
Cattail of the First Holt
Buck of the First Holt