The Abode Elf Photo Background Contest!

The first contest that's being run here involves the placement of an elf doll you've drawn ONTO an existing image. Choose one of the base photographs below, and insert as well as you can, up to THREE elves. Some portion of the elf must be visible in order to qualify and I'm not hunting for a spare ear or a fingertip. At least a head or significant portion of a doll should be showing.

Please do not use these photos for anything other than this contest, without requesting permission. I will be more than happy to provide anyone with more photo backgrounds that I've taken while on trips to the zoo or parks.

The images you send me will be placed here as a thumbnail until the contest is over. The EQFANART forum will be judging the images. If you're not a member of the forum, go there! Get busy!

Entries will be judged on artistic quality and clever placement of elves/dollz, there may be other awards based on judges opinions. Winners will get an award and a permanent link in the Links area!


First - please save the images to YOUR computer FIRST. Do Not direct link to anything on my site!

1 - please use your OWN artwork. Don't just snag someone's doll from another site and claim that it's yours. You must provide a BASE CREDIT link that actually works, when sending in an image that you did not wholly create. Kudos (but no extra favors in judging) for using my bases. :)

2 - you must have an elf on this picture, or something DIRECTLY involving an ElfQuest type scenario. Trolls, preservers, etc. are acceptable, as are bond-animals in addition to the elves, but there must be at least one elf. I am NOT talking "anime elves" from cartoons, video games or other such things. These are Elfquest pages, stick to that comic please. You may enter with one, two or all three images, they will be judged separately!

3 - tasteful nudity is acceptable, but be warned that I will be placing a warning banner on the image until it is being judged to cover any potentially offending portions.

4 - NO animations. Period. This is a gigantic image, I don't have the server space on a free site to host huge animations.

5 - send your image to abode_elf_dollz @ (remove the spaces, since you're not a spambot) and make sure that it is saved in either a JPG or GIF format. In this case there should be NO transparency! You may label your entry but please don't overdo the signature. When sending your image, please include the words: CONTEST ENTRY/IMAGE ENCLOSED in the subject line! Otherwise I might delete it. Include this information for me please - your online name or ID, your working email address, your working web site address (if you do not have a web site, please make arrangements beforehand, as I will give out awards and links.), and if there are any names that go along with the characters you're using please credit their owners or creators too. If you really want to, please include a short paragraph about why you chose these characters or that particular image to work with. I don't know if it'll affect the judging or not, but it'd be nice to know.

Now that that's over with, choose your images!! Right click or click and hold, to "save as" to your computer please.

To view ENTRIES for each image, click on the image!

Click here to view the current entries!
Click here to view the current entries!