Faces of elves might be difficult to draw, but now here's a set of sample images to guide you on your way. If you use the face please include a link back to this site. You may alter these images but if they still resemble my artwork they must be accompanied by a link. Yes, the images need to be cleaned up a bit before you use them.

These are 2 color (black and white) .gif images, they are fairly large. You may use these as an avatar but I beg of you if you do that? Please include something in your profile in whatever forum you are using it, that either links to my site, or links to a page on your site that directs the viewer here. It's only fair.

All Abode bases may be drawn on in whatever fashion you see fit HOWEVER you must place a link on the page where each doll you've created with the base appears. Pages which have my artwork and don't credit me will be listed in the BANNED links area, and I hope to never have one of those. Plus, once banned, I will immediately contact the server of the offender and request that the site be removed. That's pretty harsh but it's the way it's going to be. Use the art according to the very simple rules above.