The World, it's structure, Lands, Areas, Cities


As varied as any terrain can really get on Zekira. From the north-eastern islands and huge tropical valleys and wetforests where Defin, Corit and Bilo rest, the moderately high peaks around Anilis, Hoalin and Gra, and the great freshwater crater lake, the small bit of desert to the north containing Busho of the Three Cities, and south of the mountains on its west border, then a huge stretch of grasslands that rivals Imaa's with Liste, Tomi, Baniist, Eren, Oabti and Spila. In the scrublands south it becomes chillier for Vin, and the "second" southernmost city of Fles rests on just plain cold terrain.

Unincorporated Population: more than 2 million people make their lives in the lush greenery of the north-east lands, and in the rich steedlands of Central Emosah. Anyone with a steed and half a brain can see how good this land is, and in the coming centuries, it is certain that this part of the world will become more heavily populated than it is now.

Anilis: High Altitude never looked so good on a post card. This place is a strong competitor for Fi'ir in many ways, and the folks who founded it intended it to be that way. There are vast mining areas, as well as tall cliffside Steed training Holds.
Earthly Equivalent: Throw some flying horses onto the Matterhorn, and make it about 5 times as wide...
Founded in 8341 Population: 1.65 million SM: .5 VM: 3

Bilo: A fabulous layout of misty mountain waterfalls, marshy rice farms, and tremendous medicinal plant farming. Bilo has a bustling port where goods are exported constantly - almost everything they actually need in the Zone is either produced or bred there. Marvelously self-sufficient, what with the pockets of geothermal and ocean-borne energy being captured, plus with photo ops of the mountainside steppe-farmers. Nothing has gone wrong here for centuries. Hopefully, nothing will.
Earthly Equivalent: A misty Chinese or Indonesian rice farm community, but with a Hong Kong port area latched on
Founded in 6802 Population: 1.28 million SM: .5 VM: 3 Pronounced "bee-low"

Spila: A fantastic mostly-underground community which doesn't hesitate to mention that they don't waste much time above ground unless it's for their Steeding. Almost nothing interrupts the fields and grazing farms, save for the few fences made to deliniate neighboring farmsteads. While this place has always been a strong Steed boarding and racing area, many High Owners are interested in this place because of the vast quantities of land that can be had. They do have rules and regs about where above-ground structures can be built. There is a city, but more of it is underground than above. There are barely even roads connecting things above: huge excavated and reinforced tunnel systems solve that problem.
Earthly Equivalent: Yeah, sure. Because we always put stuff underground and preserve the beauty of the grasslands above
Founded in 1044 Population: 986000 SM: .5 VM: 2
Pronounced "speela"

Hoalin: One of the few mining communities other than Anilis to make any money, Hoalin is a much smaller and intimate community of workers and Bayaran than most. Logging, stone works and other such high-mountain activities are done here frequently, but the work is very hard, and the fatality rate among Workers is high. It is an excellent place for young Healers to get their medical degrees, for that reason.
Earthly Equivalent: A dangerous gold-rush boomtown, perhaps in Alaska. Towering mountains have hollowed out areas, leading to the train tracks below...Pronounced "waylan" or "wailin"
Founded in 2650 Population: 822000 SM: .5 VM: 2

Busho: Though Ref and M'lork are this place's sister cities, Busho has to import most of its goods from across the borders. It is isolated even to those two cities. Steeding is largely responsible for the success of this city, as nothing of much substance can be farmed on the dry sandy dirt. Many grounded Steeds thrive here, as well as certain native browsers. A thick trade in insects can be found in the city. The township itself is more simply laid out than many Zekiran towns, with a grid of streets and a small downtown, air conditioning, and power plants nearby.
Earthly Equivalent: any given Arizona transport center, without much greenery Pronounced "boo-show"
Founded in 3052 Population: 723000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Liste: Not the most populous, but surely the most popular with youth culture, Liste is an up and coming locale where you can sample nearly any tradition and break it. From the raves and the bondage bars, to the fine arts and the sheer work available here, Liste will probably expand sharply in the next few hundred years, potentially beyond Anilis.
Earthly Equivalent: Hollywood in the 30s busy, bright, classy dangerous all at once Pronounced "least"
Founded in 8190 Population: 635000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Eren: Impossibly green, with a surrounding of low windblown ground-trees, Eren is a well known spot for legal work in Bayaran terms. It has a good school for Workers and Bayaran, teaching many trades which aren't even practiced there. Generally speaking, Eren is a town in search of itself, and it has been since its inception.
Earthly Equivalent: If one could shrink the trees in a New Zeland city, that's about as green, and as large, as Eren Pron "airen"
Founded in 1100 Population: 484000 SM: 1 VM: 1

Oabti: Can you say "farm land"? Keep saying it. Far out from the city, at the coast, there is a port where sea-ships carry their grains and goods away. The rich soils of this Zone have served the world's needs for some of the best tubers and grains, and the BeastLords living there insist that the water in their wells is sweeter than anywhere else.
Earthly Equivalent: Endless Kansas panorama Pron "wayb-tee"
Founded in 4188 Population: 367000 SM: 1 VM: 1

Corit: Though most normal mines in this small Zone provide the world with minerals and building materials, there is one which has a certain crystal growth in it... One which all but negates Psionic powers. This could be a terrible thing. However, used correctly, and mined by those without said powers, the place has provided riches for many canny folks. Otherwise, it's a dangerous, sink-hole ridden area, in which one doesn't want to spend too much time in one place.
Earthly Equivalent: Dangerous windswept cliffsides anywhere
Founded in 6960 Population: 288500 SM: 1 VM: 1

Gra: While this small city zone is located among stony hills, it is still a fine place for farming and wood harvesting. However, watch out for the snakes - there is a gigantic population of tiny extremely dangerous vipers that breeds every few summers and comes through town en-masse. People have just learned to deal with it, but that's not saying newcomers to the place don't get hurt. Venom antidotes are as common as water in these parts.
Earthly Equivalent: Put an old west ranch community on top of several flat mesas surrounded by mountains and mining areas
Founded in 5810 Population: 232500 SM: 1.3 VM: 1

Vin: A very small desert-border town, surrounded by dry scrub most seasons. The winds from the sea cause a lot of dust storms here. There is also a gigantic cloning lab run by the Rogue Breeder Etan. But there aren't any tours available of the facility. One would expect that more people would know about the darn thing, but his powerful memory wipes seem to leave the town a bit dazed.
Earthly Equivalent: Pick a large Australian desert-town, and rub the trees down with a good coat of dust
Founded in 4200 Population: 182000 SM: 1.3 VM: 1

Baniist: Filled with Steed farms and Hunting parks, this centrally located farmland has never been over-populated though everyone knows there's always a danger of it. Races are run on a local level, but rarely for the World Circuit. The main drag of the town is almost literally a strip of shops, large hotels and business offices, and that is surrounded by the farms, Steeds and such. A long, long road connects Baniist with Eren and Tomi. Sort of. Some places it's just overgrown enough that you'd have to see it from the air to know it's there.
Earthly Equivalent: Centrally located farm community or a township in Wyoming Pronounced "baan-aye-eest"
Founded in 6490 Population: 62000 SM: 1.5 VM: 1

Defin: Sharp and muddy jungle valley. It's difficult to say how the farmers here get by, but their crops include many exotic fruits and vegetables that can be found nowhere else. However they must always maintain a strict balance of crops, and most people simply gather their foods rather than try and till the precious soil. So thin is this soil that when any erosion occurs they actually bring in terraformers to replenish it - otherwise the Valley would be filled with remnants of the township.
Earthly Equivalent: As a South American jungle might look with a larger settlement than 'village' sized Pronounced "defeen"
Founded in 8790 Population: 51500 SM: 1.5 VM: 1

Fles: Cold, hardly habitated, but with a thriving marine-biology lab. Many of the folks here have something to do with Breeding, whether it's to be bred, to assist the breeders, or to fish for them. The chilled waters there are filled with fish, and are considered a delicacy everywhere they are exported.
Earthly Equivalent: Um, nope. Just put a high-tech lab and a smallish port with fishing boats on the end of a very very cold tundra
Founded in 4850 Population: 38500 SM: 2 VM: 1

Tomi: Perfect Steed lands, and ... very little else. Well, except for politics. Those seem to run hard and nasty. Tomi expands to more than triple its typical size during the World Circuit. Betting parlours are often run out of tents, since there is little need to keep up appearances of a big city in the off season.
Earthly Equivalent: Perhaps a French countryside farmstead, only without the potential surrounding forests
Founded in 5137 Population: 28000 SM: 2 VM: 1