The World, it's structure, Lands, Areas, Cities


The widest territory on Zekira, however the population is clustered mainly along the coast. With good reason. The central desert of Kiran is just about the only non-arable land on the planet, and the only true dune desert anywhere. While there is a huge plain of rolling grassland and thousands of square miles of scrub desert, it is the narrow northern rim of the Area which makes most of its people rich. The western edge, Black Point, supports a huge obsidian coastal stretch. These badlands produce amazing glass works, but no one can actually live there. Kirun is the large city which supports all the glassworkers. Gihal and M'dai are the other two cities on the north-west corner. There is a single narrow stretch of mountain with one city in it, Efesta. The fact that mountainous islands are scattered to the north and south of this range indicates that it had been quite volcanic in its day. East of there, in the southern desert area, Gekani and M'lork eak out an existance. While north of there on the grassy plains, Ylet, Nakani, Ifta, Telva, Pin, Lur, Gohre and Zekil all make their livings out of Steeding, farming and the like. Some towns are in the scrub lands, the rest on the true coast. The Pin Gulf is a huge stormy area, with rich sea life that goes largely uncaught.

Unincorporated Population: around 1 million people live along the coast, and northern edges of Le'ret. There are probably fewer people running around in the deserts there, purely because, well, life is good elsewhere. Trade caravans roam the grasslands all the way along the coast, hitting every major city from Zekil to Gihal.

Kirun: As above, this city supports the glass works that provide the world with obsidian anything. The city itself is large and very modern, with mostly cement and glass buildings. Hotels dot the black ridge over the obsidian beaches, though no one really goes on them. A little too dangerous.
Earthly Equivalent: some hyper-industrial area paved over with glitz.Founded in 4300 SM: .1 VM: 5 Population: 2.01 million
Pronounced "key-roon"

Telva: Where Mirage Lives, okay? It's a gigantic cliffside city with not only the best in racing and viewing, but the best in living arrangements. The city mainly is up along the cliffs and moves around to the lower lands south, people tend to want to live by the view and the shoreline, though there are extremely nice farms to the south. The city zone itself is compact but is spreading. Races often go straight over the city, and plans are in the works for a separate hoverport because of this: it's much nicer to see a bunch of Steeds flying overhead than a transport ship. Quieter too. Most of the streets in Telva are wide enough for four carriages or hover vans, and are kept clean. Steeds dominate this city, but the more insistant High Holders are getting walkways and jet-ways installed between their favored haunts so they don't have to worry about the traffic. Mirage's Telva mansion is the largest of its kind in the city, and everyone loves to try looking into it from their airborne travel arrangements, just to see if they can spot her.
Earthly Equivalent:a mix of cities in Spain, Morocco, and others
Founded in 3839 Population: 2000500 SM: .1 VM: 5

Ifta: Lord Kovih and his attendant group of Slaves settles with a small number of other Owners and Suzerain, in a warm, dusty space south of Nakani: a town which becomes Ifta. Since then, it has slowly shifted to being a High Holder's type place, but the Owners of the area still dominate. Stucco and adobe are very popular here, and there are large grazing lands for the hardier beasts.
Earthly Equivalent: mostly a New Mexican scrub ranchero style
Founded in 5587 Population: 780000 SM: .5 VM: 4

M'lork: It's in the middle of the Steenking Desert (that's a joke, son). It's a big sandbox. No, really, there are dunes and scrubland all around, and mostly people there like to ride big vehicles or use destructive forces to play in it. Therefore a lot of the local permanent population is depended upon to keep the desert looking like it hasn't been blown up or ridden on for the next group of tourists…
Earthly Equivalent: mostly like California deserts under siege by 4-wheelers… Pronounced "muh-lork" like "a-dork"
Founded in 3052 Population: 505000 SM: .5 VM: 3

Pin: Unlike Telva, scooted away from the coast, Pin rests directly upon the cliffs and beaches of the Gulf. Scattered tiers of hillsides rise like Hollywood out of the beaches, all covered here and there with rich mansions. The city itself is quite like Hollywood area, very cramped and narrow, but brightly lit and always moving. Since the stone cliffs are quite stable, many unusual places are being excavated within them, homes and restaurants are popular now like that.
Earthly Equivalent: Hollywood Hills Founded in 2938
Population: 440000 SM: .5 VM: 2
Gohre: Bordered on the east by badlands and cliffs, and to the west with scrub and grass plains, Gohre is ideal for retirement, Steed raising, and family planning. It is fairly near everything, either by hoverjet or ocean-liner.
Earthly Equivalent: as described Pronounced "gore"
Founded in 3500 Population: 248000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Nakani: Tornado safe homes of metal and stone dot this hugely sprawling area. The native grazers are the most popular hunting sport as well as food/leather industry. It has always been here, it will always be here, it just isn't getting any bigger than it started.
Earthly Equivalent: Roswell, in the middle of Africa.
Founded in year 4 Population:225000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Ylet: The air here is clean and dry, and there are always clouds and thunderheads over the western mountain view. They rarely break over Ylet, though when they do, it's a total disaster. The wash is about 40 miles wide…
Earthly Equivalent: some backwater scrub town Pron "ee-let"
Founded in 6570 Population: 210000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Efesta: The only city in the small strip of western mountains, Efesta is a mining town and little else. It is not nearly as cold as it could be, for the peak itself is rolling and low.
Earthly Equivalent: as described, only, dustier than you think
Founded in 8926 Population: 180000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Lur: along the beautiful green hills of the Pin Gulf, this area is wet more days than it is dry, but always has a sunny smile. At least, that's what their advertising says. There are gigantic Steed farms, and feed areas, along with some of the best rider training for little'uns in the world. In fact people do bring their children to ride and learn here.
Earthly Equivalent: As described Pronounced "lure"
Founded in 7900 Population: 120000 SM: 1 VM: 2

M'dai: This is where all those storm clouds actually dump their waters. Though it is usually raining, it is warm and the coast has never really saturated itself with water, the whole northern edge is still scrubland. Normal people with normal lives live here.
Earthly Equivalent: a normal little town in normal anywhere, Earth
Founded in 5698 Population: 78000 Pronounced "ma-dye"
SM: 1 VM: 1

Gihal: Whole stretches of Gihal are just open beaches. There are lots of Steeds here, though you have to look hard to find them. The hills are much higher than they look, on first glance! Many smallish farmsteads are nestled between these rises, and whole concerts and festivals could go on next door without disturbing anyone.
Earthly Equivalent: New Zeland comes closePronounced "gi-hall" with the g as in "get" Founded in 6794 Population: 67500
SM: 1 VM: 1
Zekil: At the eastern tip of Kiran is the equatorial Zekil, filled with palm trees, swaying with breezes. It really is. There are numerous small and some large islands off its coast, though they are also claimed by some Emosans. With the mountains climbing hugely and sharp to the south-east, and the smooth coast to the north-west, this area is just a perfect playground for vacationers.
Earthly Equivalent: a clipping from a vacation magazine
Pronounced "zek-ill" like shaquille (o'neill)
Founded in 6300 Population: 59600 SM: 1 VM: 1

Uhdl: Braced along three kinds of terrain and the very corner of Le'ret, Uhdl is a strong Steed land, however because of the hot desert winds just east of the township, it has never become very popular. That is unfortunate. The grazing is good enough for a small population, but the fact is that steeds trained in those hot, strong winds often win in endurance races!
Earthly Equivalent: somewhere along the coast of Africa, like where they filmed Star Wars…Pronounced "oodle" like noodle but with a softer ooh sound SM: 1 VM: 1
Founded in 5389 Population: 51000

Gekani: In the middle of the desert, Gekani carves out an existance, though even some of the permanent population finds itself wondering why. Most of the real stuff is going on underground, where certain High Holders have dug out or found caverns to explore and make money off of. Otherwise, there isn't squat in Gekani.
Earthly Equivalent: Desert. Duh. Pron "geh-con-ee" g as in "get"
Founded in 5753 Population: 11500 SM: 2 VM: 1

Island off Black Point: that's quite isolated and off the charts, jungle where Archeria stores the clones and activates them, delivering a little bit of food and sundries every few months, just in case they haven't died off. It's far enough out of the way to be difficult to contact both mentally and physically, but is barely in the range so that some powerful telepaths can sense something there. They don't like what they find.
Founded in 10790 Population: 25, all Outsiders and their young
Desert Properties:
All privately Held areas among the dunes
Held by Savistahni, open desert due south of Nakani
Held by Tekata, Steed land near Savi's place, keeping her honest???
Held by Aern, filled with a couple shacks and a watering hole but little else, where warmth lovers like to run nekkid through the sand… located closer to Ylet
Held by Ruben, stucco home in the middle of absolute nowhere…, south-west of Efesta but west of Gekani