The World, it's structure, Lands, Areas, Cities


The southern third of this huge continent has a smooth variety of climes and terrains. It is not mild to say the least, but it is not as harsh and difficult to live in as most parts of Le'ret. The northern slice is desert, where Uklar, T'dal and Ref are the northern most cities. In the scrub north of the mountain range splitting the climates, Aakal, Reant and the small White Valley make their way. Within the grasslands on the southern bulb of the continent, Muyar is a mild alternative to the hot areas north. In the mountains themselves, Slust produces some amount of metals and ores. On the south-east side of the range, grasslands and light scrub are dominant. However there are still badlands just to the south of the mountains, and within them for some reason, Yed has been established. Farther into the grasses, however, Karif and Dramo are the main grassland communities. To the south, in the winter scrub, there is Wintep, Craus, Omf and Vesi, all among the leading Steed feed areas. To the far south, where the seasons run hot and cold, and the only other place like this on the planet is due north in the Curran tundra, mighty small Noa keeps company close at night. The land is shifting, changing all the time in Wo'ad. The deserts move in huge golden waves, and those waves are echoed across the mountains on the green grasslands.

Unincorporated Population: fewer than 800 thousand people roam the narrow strip of arable land south of the deserts. It is not an easy place to live, but it provides a good learning experience for those who choose it. The desert is a little more forgiving on the north side of the mountains, having stretches of scrublands that can be tilled. The long island which stretches away from Aakal is also inhabited, though no formal incorporated towns have been made there.

Aakal: Largest of these smaller cities, Aakal nestles against sea, mountain, scrub and plains. It is actually quite a beautiful place, and many of the views found in the higher mountain resorts are well worth the price. There are large gambling and steeding facilities on the grassland areas. Many rich and strange holders manage to get some unusual holds within the mountains themselves. There is a large medical community in Aakal, including mental health clinics.
Earthly Equivalent: a largish community near a water-filled Grand Canyon (it is near the ocean) Pronounced "ock-all"
Founded in 3200 Population: 1.7 Million SM: .3 VM: 3

Vesi: Along the scrubland, Vesi provides a large steed feed farm areas. The land is hard to grow anything else on. Though the city itself is small and compact, the outlaying regions are quite well populated, with ranches and farmsteads dotting the land for miles. There are race tracks and betting areas on the farthest outlaying regions too.
Earthly Equivalent: a Midwestern wheat farm zone
Founded in 4981 Population: 725000 SM: .7 VM: 3

Rèf: One of the TriCities, along with Busho and M'lork. In the flatlands and scrub, the desert heats this town up even at night. It is a good place to go if you want some isolation, but don't want to be away from much civilization. Ref is a solid, brick-red type of town, with little imagination in its buildings, but lots of variety in the farther off holds.
Earthly Equivalent: Reno, Nevada - in the heart of summer...
Founded in 3052 Population: 520000 SM: .7 VM: 3
Pronounced as"referee"

Muyar: The best in endurance and strength Steeding, excellent races and training can be found here in this multi-terrain city. It has access to ocean, badlands, scrub, plains, and desert, and all the Steeders in the area come to exploit this. The city is built around the idea of change. The main buildings have been rebuilt several times, about every eight hundred years. This means that there are some areas of the city which are positively ancient, and many more which are remarkably modern. Libraries, medical areas, and private betting facilities are all popular here.
Earthly Equivalent: a Greek city of similar multi-era growth spurts
Founded in 1952 Population: 465000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Dramo: Though small by Tana standards, this place is an artistic haven. Many artists, including Mirage's children in the arts, have homes as well as studios here. The sunsets have been called "Truly Magnificent", and are often the subject of paintings. There are also processing plants, manufacturing and the like out nearer the desert side of the township.
Earthly Equivalent: an African hub city, civilization surrounded by pure nature
Founded in 7530 Population: 401500 SM: 1 VM: 2
Yed: With a combination of mining, glassworks, and roughing-it-lovers, Yed has hung on for thousands of years. Only recently, however, have the real tourists started coming in. With the exposure of a huge vein of brightly irridescent crystals in the mountains, yet very little monetary value to the crystals themselves, others have begun profiting from the idea that people flock to see nice things. But they need a place to stay, don't they! Nice resorts are coming up like weeds…
Earthly Equivalent: if the Lasceaux caves had a tourism industry, this would be it Founded in 2430 Population: 360000 SM: 1 VM: 2

T'dal: Another remarkable community in the middle of the dunes of Wo'ad. Though never thought of as much of anything but a money pit for some people, the wind farms as well as the steed endurance courses there will catch on sooner or later.
Earthly Equivalent: none, it's a desert wind farm and we don't have many of those... Pronounced "tuh-doll"
Founded in 8499 Population: 205000 SM: 1 VM: 1

Uklar: South of Uhdl but its twin in many ways, Uklar was founded about the same time, with eyes on competing with it in many ways. There are steed farms galore here, and a huge almost-straight course running from the sea inland to the dunes. The land is very rich in certain places, barren in others. It never has really caught up population wise, but quality…
Earthly Equivalent: The desert-coast of certain areas of Africa or even Australia Pronounced "ook-lahr" with a softer ooh sound
Founded in 5389 Population: 97000 SM: 1 VM: 1

Omf: A blustery area between plains and tundra. Though the southern face of Wo'ad isn't as chill and wintery as Curra, the cold lands south of Omf blend with the hot air coming from the plains, and the whole area is usually quite windy. Wind farms are popular, as are steed training areas.
Earthly Equivalent: none, but imagine a sandy version of Antarctica?
Founded in 7956 Population: 91500 SM: 1 VM: 1

Craus: Sitting on a nicer sloping area of the plains, where the harsh plateau of scrub levels out to the west. There are large homesteads, wide farms, and not a lot else unless you count the seasonal steeding. Many buildings are rented out for only a month at a time, during the race season, but they surely pay for themselves just during that time!
Earthly Equivalent: a ghost town most of the time, then rather like Las Vegas without the neon
Founded in 8000 Population: 64000 SM: 1 VM: 1

Karif: a small place which has more in the way of power lines and office space than the expected Steed lands, but has its share of those too. This is becoming a hot spot for young Workers or Bonders, where the night life is hopping regardless of the winds.
Earthly Equivalent: somewhere among the amber waves of grain...
Founded in 7415 Population: 51500 SM: 1 VM: 1

Slust: High in the mountain range, providing energy from the heat vents below. Most of it is literally beamed up to power stations in orbit. The town is made up mostly of official buildings, rest areas, and small homesteads, and lots and lots of Worker apartments.
Earthly Equivalent: better than half the tech level of NeoTokyo in the anime Akira, and about 1/100th the size...Pronounced "sloost"
Founded in 5446 Population: 44000 SM: 1.5 VM: 1

Reant: Occasionally covered by dunes, but with time and the practice of terraforming, slowly this place is beginning to look like a livable area. Small farms and single-steed families are common here, and rarely leave if they are born to it. The people are often distant to outsiders, but very clannish among themselves.
Earthly Equivalent: a stubbly-dusty old west gulch Pron "ree-aunt"
Founded in 2445 Population: 36000 SM: 1.5 VM: 1

Wintep: Situated more under the desert scrub than on it, Wintep overlooks the sea and has a huge number of caverns leading below the land. The climate is chilly here, year round, but the waters below warm the area enough for some good quality steeding. Only after the last century has anyone really started to tap the wealth of life in the underground seas.
Earthly Equivalent: none, it's quite unique
Founded in 9056 Population: 30000 SM: 2 VM: 1

Noa: Why? Perhaps to be the "southernmost city in the world". Maybe. Noa is small and dangerous, and pretty isolated - if you don't count Fles… There are a lot of threatening animals living in the south tundra, badlands abound, and lots of rich idiots like to go there to look at them.
Earthly Equivalent: this is more like a frozen-over Chilean coastline than anything else
Founded in 5775 Population: 22500 SM: 2 VM: 1

White Valley: Founded by the escaped Renegades over the decades, halfway between Reant and Slust on the north side of the mountains. A beautiful white sandy valley surrounded by hills and sharp cliffs. There is a little scrub and enough to live off of, though due to the unusual nature of the people living there, supplies are rarely hard to come by. This is a unique, non-status based township, open to Renegades, but not to Rogues or criminal ilk.
Earthly Equivalent: none, see above description
Founded: 10300 or so Population: never more than 200 SM: 3 VM?

Desert Properties, all Privately Held
Held by Archeria, open land west of T'dal
Held by Jherita, a huge glass and adobe place with stone lands around it, East of T'dal on the flats
Held by Savistahni, a facility for parties and breeding, north of Aakal
Held by Genn, a dune Steeding course near Jherita's
Held by Amaranth, near Jherita's place but nothing much more than dunes