The World, it's structure, Lands, Areas, Cities

Widest and coolest of the Lands, most northerly. A long high mountain range runs the entire length of Curra, with a major mining area on the western Altem side, and the only crater lake on the eastern Mi'a portion. Otherwise, the three Areas are considerably different from one another. There are several large rivers in Curra, One beginning at the Lantu Peak, drifting past Astel and finally into the marshy Frea countryside. The Polaen compliment of river-water is found in the river Step, which is so named because of the step-like nature as it falls from its mountainous beginning down steep cliffs and small pools, past Spimlo and finally to sea past Woth. The third river begins in Mi'a at the Ertan Summit, winds its way through huge carved canyons and down into the grasslands, spreading past Limir into a wide marshy plain. The Crater Lake in Mi'a offers two smaller rivers, the Dorel and the Yol, west and east respectively falling from the sides of the Crater peak. The Dorel river does not reach the sea, instead terminating in a broad lake near Xekè; the Yol river does reach the sea, after tumbling nearly-straight down into the Yol valley from the mountains, it meanders past Ghur and finally deltas into Zifan and its huge marsh.


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