The World, it's structure, Lands, Areas, Cities

Though settled by the natives of Zekira, Neres is still a large, cold but well-suited island-continent. At twice the size of Zuca, and situated slightly south-west of Neres Ocean bay on Zerin, it is mostly ignord by Zekirans.
This is at their risk. There are many up and coming High Holders who want parts of Neres, just because they can afford to play with the guns and weapons, and the mental powers it takes to dominate the natives. Hunting them has not yet become a sport for the elite, but it may very well in centuries to come. Mostly, it's up to Tresis Arregon and the Etan Brood to tame the place. The brutish natives live in clusters mostly along the coasts, but up into the more heavily forrested hills and jungles to the north they sport populations of over 10 thousand in their 'villages'. Even in the best of times, Neres people must work hard to maintain their lives, the ground is not particularly good for crops (standard crops such as those that the imported population brought, as well as those that are found on other continents). They usually subsist on what they can harvest directly out of the jungles and forests, and what they hunt.
The beaches of Neres are stunning, but dangerous. The whole place is surrounded by a large flat of coral beds, and hard to combat currents. The same currents that can smash a ship on the eastern side of the island can bring the natives out and to the coast of Kiran in weeks, and it is constantly feared that they will do so.

Notably on Neres there are some features that the Zekirans have brought, made or otherwise exploited.
Rising over 1000 feet into the air is a pillar of stone shaped both by natural forces and those brought by Tresis when he arrived. Hollowed out by his ability with water shaping and pressure, this is Tresis' home and everything that he can see from the very top of this phallic edifice is his. The people, plants, ground and animals. And the air. Especially the air. The surroundings benefit from his madness and his powers by being habitually rained on nearly once a week. This has however been balanced by a nearby cliff range that borders his territory and recieves nearly no rainfall now. The villages there are in dire conditions, the plants are dying, and it will become an extended sand dune if he's not convinced to leave well enough alone. The tribes under his dominion worship him with good reason, and those who will not do so are killed. That is why the poor folks on the coast there are doomed, they can't be let in and love him, because he's responsible for their huge mortality rate already, and the other tribes nearest won't give up their prime hunting lands.