Images I need for the RPG book

If you're an artist and wish to help me out - and get printed (someday) in a role playing game book, here's a list o stuff waiting for artwork. Please email me BEFORE sending any attachments in the email, because I have to keep my email boxes clean for this. Don't want to lose anything. Email the Zekiran site please! world_of_zekira @ without the spaces will do just fine.

This is a listing of the currently needed (minimum) images for the official rpg book. Each image needs to be a nice clean black and white or greyscale, but I can take a color image and grey it down. I'll also take whatever images you want to let me use. All copyrights remain yours for the art, and all credit given. (see below)

Pages are regular 11x8.5 size, with a margin about an inch, and a gutter between pages. Some pages in the book have single columns (with text all the way across) and some have 2 columns (with text in two lines). Sizes of images I need are about like this:

"Character square" - a small 1.5x1.5 square fit largely for a headshot or something small/far away and easily seen.

"Character Vertical" - a 1.5 wide about 3 inch tall or similar "tall" box.

1/2 column square - about a 2x2 square

1 column square - about a 3 or 3.5 inch square

Horizontal is wider than it is tall, from half a column wide (the smallest) to across the whole page with text somewhere still on the page.

Vertical is tall and slim, and in about the same way as above (1/2 column wide but down the side of the page, etc).

Quarter, Third, Half pages - taking up a space either square or horizontal (usually) with text around it.

The actual size of the image given electronically is pretty flexible, but I may crop if I need to. Just not too small to be scaled up nicely, is what I need for smaller pieces...

If I get more than one person doing a piece, I might slide them both in under a different guise. There's tons of room. For those that list a character's name it's someone I have created. I can send information and images for reference (otherwise it won't look like them now will it?), if any questions arise just email me. Also I recommend reading over some of the site's info before starting. Especially since there are lots of pictures I need about Slaves, and they're "not" earth's slaves, mmmkay?

All characters/Zekiran "things" remain copyright to me if they're mine. All artwork is yours to do with as you will (I will NOT require "exclusive" rights to any other artwork so long as it does not have my characters in it), your works remain copyrighted to you, will be credited properly to you (under whatever alias or ID you'd like) and with a website address in the credits if you wish. If payment is needed I can do about 5$ a picture if you're submitting a bunch, or probably somewhere around 30$ to 50$ for one or two more complicated pieces. I honestly can't afford more than that.

If I can keep it up, I will try keeping this list updated with who has said they're doing which piece. But like I said, there's room for a lot. So...

Anyway here is the current list. There are MANY animals, plants and such that will also be needed, but I don't have them in a good list yet. I will. List as follows includes the text that the image needs to be referring to, size and info. If it's vague, ask and I'll explain.

World of Zekira images needed listing

History - Squatters law, 1359 - Renegade slaves who have homesteaded in one locale for 20 years after escape may now be granted FreeLand Holder status if not caught by that time. Vertical piece, 1 colum wide.

History - 3 moons? Who'd have guessed? Around 4190 or so a group of Neres natives make their way across the ocean to Vin, because of the arrival of the third moon. (A captured asteroid.) Horizontal, 2 colums, narrow.

History - The most highly decorated trophy winner Steed of all time, Mighty, bred and ridden by Dieros (the ancestor of Adden's family and the steeds themselves from Mighty), wins the Tenet-Kua cross country flight by two full days. 7804, gee, that damaged trophy in Adden's estate really is the real thing… Square, 1.5 colums.

Physio social life - Young and Old together, I just need a baby being held by her mother, a middle aged woman, and her mother looking on, an old one. Square, 1 column.

Zekiran Status Info - Just something pleasant, with people in it. Maybe an overhead city street, with carriages and a winged steed or two. Vertical narrow, ½ column wide, ¾ page high.

Titles and Names - Horizontal across bottom ¼ page, just line characters up from Slave to High Holder.

Suzerain - horizontal, bottom half (just less than half) of page. A nice fine homestead on a hill, an orchard perhaps, and steeds flying overhead.

High Owners - Horizontal, bottom 1/3 of page. Plantation view one, from the front above, with a beautifully crafted hedge maze leading to courtyard.
High Owners 2 - horizontal as prior, flip size of mansion with steed training rings, and grazing lands being tended all by a number of Slaves.

Owners 1 - Vertical, ½ column wide, half page tall. Winning steed and rider, with cheering crowd.
Owners 2 - Horizontal, across top of page (1/5 page). Artistic venue, perhaps a museum with beautiful statues and a tour guide.
Owners 3 - 4/5 page, All kinds of owners and folks having a party - tea, umbrellas, that kind of thing.

Membayar - Horizontal, bottom 1/3 page. A will reading, a nice office with a dozen bickering people and a very patient Membayar behind a desk scattered with paperwork.

Free Land Holder - horizontal, bottom of page (bigger than ¼), A proud new Land Holder and his plot, with a bit of construction going on, maybe a half-built house.

Free Worker 1 - Vertical, 1/3 page wide all the way down page. A whole batch of people showing off different professions. Fire fighter, bar maid, stable hand, teacher, etc.
Free worker 2 - Square 2/3 page, perhaps the front of a mining operation with a batch of guys and women, all looking quite tired, but sharing some kind of mug drink or beer, lookin satisfied for a hard day's work.

Bayaran 1 - horizontal ¼ page high, a woman crying over her husband who is being carted away by his new Agent.
Bayaran 2 - small square (1/2 column square), maybe a far off silouete of the guy hefting a pick axe or something.

Slave 1 - just over half page, slave auction in progress. A load of Slaves of different ages and appearances, with a number of bidders and properly attired High Holder folks. It's not as dismal as it sounds. At least one slave should be extremely happily looking on at her new Lady, and some guy haggling price with the auctioneer.
Slave 2 - vertical piece of a Slave carrying a water jug to her Lady - the same girl, perhaps?
Slave 3 - small square (bigger than ½ column) - a bad scene, a haughty lord beating a male slave.
Slave 4 - Medium square (just bigger than 1 column) - two sides of a field fence, with one kicking and screaming woman being carried away by her bigger captors, and her lover being taken by his own pair of folks.
Slave 5 - Horizontal ¼ page almost across page, interior of house, with three students being instructed, one is clearly a young Lady and the others of lower rank.
Slave 6 - Horizontal 1/3 page, a slave suddenly develops Steed powers at a race, and is being congratulated on the new Status she'll be gaining. Lots of stunned looking people, but a proud Owner taking away her Slave pin.

Other Status 1 - square slightly larger than ¼ page, Renegades from white valley - the weird ones, I need a cliffside village.
Renegades 2 - vertical 1 column wide to ¾ page down. A violently resisting renegade being captured (maybe with a net and some Hern Rats).
Rogue 3 - Vertical, 1 column + wide, to 2/3 page down. Etan sitting near his protegees (whoever, Lash and lathe come to mind) in the Vin facility with clone vats and other things around them. Grinning madly.

Neres Natives - Horizontal, just over 1/3 page. Some native uglies offering gifts of food and pelts to their god Tresis down at the base of his huge phallic temple.

Zekiran Customs/Culture notes front piece - the Stabbing party.

Betting - horizontal pieces 1 and 2, both 1/3 of the page top and bottom with text between. One is a really sweet betting parlour with nice machines and brightly lit. the other is a bad rundown place you just don't want to show up at.

Rituals - horizontal, 1.5 columns wide, dueling with two guys (maybe Darkhanis and the guy from Zerrik's mansion?) fighting with the frillery that goes with it.

Age Categories - square 1 column in center of page, diligent studies by Membayar for their rank badge in a class full of the same geeks you went to school with, only slightly better looking.

Judging - square 1 column. A fine courthouse from the outside, with lawyers and such moving around outside.

Values of things - horizontal 1.5 columns wide at bottom, MONEY!

Divesting - vertcial 1 column wide ½ page high, throw some status images here.

Script and Alphabet - smaller than square 1 column, children in a class comparing notes, one is really sucking and the other doing very well.
Script and alphabet 2, 3, 1 column squares, fonts?

Lands - horizontal or most of the page, (or two images) the Inheritance of Snow

Powers/fertilit explanation - horizontal just over 1 column wide, 1/3 page high, an extended family, maybe the Haitals?

Speed - horizontal across bottom, running really fast past whooshlined slow people.

Human Empathy - vertical ½ column small shot of Engell zapping someone.

Mind Control - ¾ column square ,someone using powers to command another, all drama.

Posess sentient - small square, shadowed zombie-like guys shuffling, someone behind them eyes glowing…

Negate Psionics - horizontal ¾ column short, someone with their finger waving at another who's just done something (smouldering ruins anyone?).

Genesense - horizontal across page, 1/5 page high, the genetic chart. :D

See Past/History - ¾ column high not quite square, Keenae doing her deadspeak at the wake for Darmin?

Fortelling - large square (about 1/3 page) - Lam at the Telva race predicting things. See telva mansion for details…

Lack of Psionic Control - some poor guy looking shocked at his powers that are like, swarming or firing or whatnot, around his friends who are ducking.

Anachronist - 1 column square, some guys wearing out of date looking clothing walking by the nice new mall, disgruntled (like the Amish with an attitude).

Loser - 1 column square, heh. Just a loser. Play with him.

Gothic Nights - character space thin vertical, some gothy vampiric type.

Dream Healer - character square, someone dreaming.

Noiz Boiz - character square, loud. Drumthrashr kind of iconic.

Barter - 1 column square, a pair of people haggling over a bolt of cloth with some customers looking on.

Machine Operation - horizontal 1/3 page, Vehicles of different types, like a motorcycle, hover car, jet, etc.

Surgery Specialist - horizontal 1 column 1/5 page high, scalpels and some other surgical tools… ooooh, shiny. And sharp.

Medicinal Tech - 1 column square, herbs and bottles, pills and poisons.

Using Powers and Health- 1 column ¾ page high, a hospital wing with some people in it, very clean but also nice architecture.

Equipment and Goods - horizontal 1/3 page, general store, with rows of stuff like camping gear, cold weather clothing and stuff, rustic looking.

((more, land, building materials, machinery, jets, steed tack and computers, plus clothing.))

Combat - 2/3 page horizontal, two small groups of people fighting one another. Make sure a couple have powers or extra limbs to play with, in a backdrop of some mansion grounds or other.

Elemental Damage - 1 column full page high, wile e coyote … falling. From a cliff. Being hit by lightning on the way down. Something horrific plunging after him. You know the drill.

Weapons of Zekira - full page minus heading. Weapons. Duh. (info available)

Yilvan Versus Xamax - three full page comics of the action described in the combat example. (info available, and I'll help lay it out if need be.)



Stuff not listed yet, but an idea about it...

Flora - plants of various descriptions.

Fauna - hunting animals, like things you can catch and eat, use pelts, or just get trophies. I have a list running with levels of danger, why they're hunted, and what sort of defense/offense they have. Random rolling is so fun. It made some interesting critters... They'll be up soon.

Steeds - both grounded and flying, with the stipulation that ya' read the steed section info that I can give out. There's a contest up for those too on my other site. Steed tack too, but that has to be pretty particular. Anyone with a horse can help, but they're going to be different.

Vehicles - hovercraft of many types and styles, and carriages with grounded steeds.

Clothing - ever want to design a fancy dress? Go for it. Or a swimsuit (not that they swim)? Or a naughty sheer thing? Whatever. I need it.