It took a long time to make this project. It's not finished yet. Please bear with me. Also note well that while this website is almost entirely the same as the rules booklet will be, there are things not included - a huge number of images, for instance, and a lot of side text and quotations. Most of the rules are at present only found in the hard copy of the book - I will not make these available online. Why? Because if you want to playtest my game you're going to need far more than just this website. The game mechanics are my own - no other game uses exactly the same bunch of rules for combat, weapons, healing, and skill use. Please respect that, and don't complain that there's no "d 20 adaptation" or "fusion system" running here. This is my game, my world, and my rules.

Ever since I started writing it, there were inspirations that gave me insight to one rule, or a character type, or even just an event that might have happened. However there are some kudos and props that need to be addressed.

First - I was inspired to make this game at all, by seeing Jane Yolen's "Pit Dragon saga" in animated format on some cartoon show when I was a kid. That in itself sparked the entire world in a nutshell. However little it bears in resemblance to the books, watching this show gave me a bit of a push to make my own world. Thank you Jane, I hope you like how I've been nudged.

Next - Ultimate thank yous to my friends and role playing groups. My online friends, who made many aspects of my world far cooler by their presence. Without them and any incidental comments they made, this would never even have gotten this far.

Online props - Steve Savage and his generator page. You go, man. You rock.
The Ferilon Farm group - everyone in there deserves their own full page ad in my book.
Deviant Art - what more can I say? Collecting the greatest people and the best art.
The Kshau, Ryslen, Falas, Cy, and all the other dragon adoption site groups - you're the absolute best.
The Matrixfans.net Forums - wow. Just... Wow.

Offline thank yous - Family, friends, everyone. You know who you all are and there are way way too many to list.

Dreamweaver by Macromedia made this website possible.

JASC made the images, backgrounds, and all artwork possible.

Yahoo has hosted all my sites (and most of my favorite friends sites too) for years, and they do deserve thanks.

Other Fantasy Artists, Writers and Creators - WaRP Graphics, without whom the world would never have known ElfQuest; Joe Linsner, whose Dawn is the most beautiful creation in the world; Drew Hayes, with Poison Elves like that, who needs enemies? Carla Speed McNeil, Finder is the best book, now make a damn source book for it.

Art Credits - when I have art by other people, I'll list it all here too.