Create a Zekiran


First - please right-click and copy the character sheet to YOUR hard drive. Don't try linking to anything on this or any other site, that's bandwidth theft, and is very bad for everyone's servers. Once you have a copy of the character sheet, make a BACKUP copy too. You might want to turn one of these into a million-color bitmap, tif, psp, photoshop or other basic high-quality high-k file size file. Later on, you might want to paste in an image or use colors for the filled in information, and it's only a 16 color image right now. Be sure to "SAVE AS" to another file name whenever you're playing with this file! Don't lose your original. If you cannot for some reason download this file, I have copies of it. Ask me for one, I'll send it.

Once you have a nice clean copy (it's not a great gif image, but it'll do) set aside, you might also want to print it out.

To create a character the "old fashioned way" please click the GOLD button. To make an instant character, click the DARK one.

Old fashioned? Well, yes. All the required rules are here in the order that you'll need them. You will need a lot of dice - mostly 10 sided - for character creation. All forms of die are used, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, % and the occasional d12 and d30. If you don't own dice, there are online dice rolling programs that can be used just as easily - but I recommend of course getting down to your local game store and buying yourself a nice set of dice. You never know when you'll need a set of dice!

The newfangled character generator will do all but a couple things for you. First - it will not generate a GENDER. You're going to have to determine the sex of your character. It does not include a name. The most important factor that it does not do for you is choose skills. Unfortunately that would simply be too much to program in. Mmmkay? But otherwise it creates a random rolled appearance, status, stats, lifespan, mutations and powers, politics, Holdings/owed money, all the things you will want to jot down on your fresh character sheet. Just keep pressing that button until you like the results - or just keep copy-pasting the results into a blank .doc file until you have a whole village full of em.

I worked REALLY HARD on this generator - but thanks SO MUCH to Steve Savage of Seventh Sanctum who provided not only the basic program code but the nudge in the right direction for me to finish it up. :) Thanks Steve!