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Party Time and the World of Zekira NANOWRIMO Novels

Party Time - set in modern era (about 10355). This is an explanation in prose form of how the Status deal with each other, how appearances and powers or mutations make a difference, and how it's not a good idea to keep Exiles in your house.

Party Time and a Half - set at that same party, though specifically this is a Steed race to illustrate how betting works, who races and why, and why these parties are held. You'll want to read Party Time before (and during) this. There is a link at page 3.

NanoWoz - Part one - Stock in Trade, the first thousand years of colonization!

NanoWoz - Part two - Legal Tender, the second couple hundred years... yes, it goes on and on...

NanoWoz - Part three - Labor's Love Lost, up to 2100, exploring the down sides of all the fun...