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On the south-most area of the continent, this is mostly wetlands and marshy, however split at the top with the farmlands and grass plains similar to Laiarta, and on the south-east side by an abrupt mountain and forest land. It is surmised that long ago this mountain-shaped area was part of the rim of a huge crater, which has worn away into the Laiarta Penninsula, centered on Zuca. Teklel has been mentioned before as Hisai's twin city, on the southern side of the River Kolm. Ekirm and Ulekh are farming towns in the grassy plains. The marshy communities of Ontik, Yiftra, Sivir, J'mao, Wa'bin, Arcen, and Pesht are in the southern areas, while Vnov is nearest Laiarta. X'ar is a combined area of water, wetlands, and hills; B'mer and Zovora are mining and ocean trade towns, and Quel is situated in the only true forest of Reimal.

Unincorporated Population: living along the huge beaches and grassy hills, Reimal supports more than 1.5 million people just "roughing it". It's hard not to. When you can literally stake down a tent and remain there undisturbed for days on end, who would want to leave? Oh… For the steeds? Yes. When they fly overhead, it usually means there will be people following them. Campsites are beginning to get popular for some of the long-term overland races, which mean some day there will be actual roads crossing the Area. Shee-yeah right.

Teklel: The other half of the Twin Jewels. It's just as pretty if the darker side. There are more high tech places, betting and Bonding, it's much more money oriented than the other which seems to be more people-pleasant. It is still just as vehicle oriented and clean as its sister. This half comes to life at night.
Earthly Equivalent: Las Vegas Strip multiplied by a thousand!Founded in 2000 Population: 1.45 Million SM: .1 VM: x5

Zovora: Combining resort atmosphere with a solid money base in the mining areas to the north. You'd never know there were mines in there, the beaches are so amazing. The coral is everywhere, out there, and even Zekirans have to dive to get it. There are, not surprisingly, more deaths by drowning in this part of the world than any other. The water is so clear that you can just see the bodies down there.
Earthly Equivalent: the Bahamas Founded in 590
Population: 845000 SM: .5 VM: x4

Arcen: Racing and Steeding occupy only half the people in this city. The other half are busy Breeding people and making money. The hot springs are quite popular and the mineral water found here is really nice.
Earthly Equivalent: A Brazilian Port Founded in 9000
Pronounced "arson" Population: 720000 SM: .7 VM: x4

Pesht: Dragged out from the mires of the south, High Master Emvir dredged a portion of the swamp, and put up a gigantic estate. From there, Pesht grew slowly but surely, combining the watery land with high tech and nicely dry areas. Willow Fruits are the most used and exported item here.
Earthly Equivalent: Bayou country Founded in 4691
Pronounced like "pest" with a 'sh' sound
Population: 330000 SM: .7 VM: x3

Yiftra: Most if not all ships sailing around Zekira port here. The land has to be dredged often, and several of the most popular areas are really drained swamps.
Earthly Equivalent: Mississippi River town
Founded in 6000 Population: 226000 SM: 1 VM: x3
Pronounced "yif-trah" distinctly pronouncing the yuh (y) sound

J'mao: Centrally located and becoming the hot spot for settlements of young Holders of any Status. In fact, everyone, even the Bayaran, like to come here for a while. Yeah, it's in the middle of the lowlands. But it's really green and very temperate. The neighbors are jealous. There are little pockets of Steeding here, but nothing so organized as those in other cities. Mostly it's young entertainment and music, night life, and partying all the time.
Earthly Equivalent: Cincinatti with a life
Founded in 6250 Pronounced "juh-maow" with the j as in "just"
Population: 200000 SM: 1 VM: x3

Ekirm: Another tributary to the Great Jewel Cities. This one is populated by many different people, and it is rare to have neighbors in one house on either side of yours at the same time. Makes a great summer home, except that it's pretty humid.
Earthly Equivalent: you know those deep-south stretches of road, with a small shack here and there…? Pronounced "eck-eerm"
Founded in 6738 Population: 160000 SM: 1 VM: 3

Sivir: The claim to fame here are the wild animals and the people who claim to tame them. If the alligators leave, this town's history.
Earthly Equivalent: where the Crocodile Hunter would pass out from ecstacy Pronounced "severe"
Founded in 3327 Population: 94000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Vnov: a small, newish area settled into swamps mostly, with high stilt homes. Popular among high-middle class students, with reasonably priced homesteading available.
Earthly Equivalent: a Phillipine coastal village, without the coast, and with a few more "roads" and stuff to buy Founded in 7147 Pronounced "vuh-nov" Population: 54000 SM: 1 VM: 2

Ontik: Seaside community, with the terracing and paddies popular with rice growers everywhere. However here, there are also some extremely high-tech buildings where breeding, experimentation and long-term science projects are being done.
Earthly Equivalent: as described
Founded in 2456 Pronounced "on-teek" as "antique" with an oh-sound Population: 34000 SM: 1 VM:2

Quel: A mysterious community, in the dark, high woods and deep swampland on the east Reimal area, Quel keeps to itself, and rarely brings any attention to itself. The people who live there, mainly LandMasters and the rare Breeder who needs privacy, prefer it to stay exactly as it is: hidden and normally forgotten
Earthly Equivalent: One of those little Washington State towns you drive right by, when headed somewhere bigger
Founded in 7886 Population: 29000 SM: 1 VM: 2
Pronounced "kwell" or "quell"

X'ar: Famed for its willow-like trees, a lot of medicinal plants are harvested here. Along with them, students and slaves among the Breeding sciences abound.
Earthly Equivalent: postcard of wild wetlands, you know, like in Pocahantas… Pronounced "ecks-are"
Founded in 5699 Population: 24500 SM: 1 VM: 1

Ulekh: This place might have had steeds but for some reason, they just can't make the place more popular. It's on the edge of the land, overlooking the Neres Bay, however perhaps the seaweed and flies turn people off…
Earthly Equivalent: a ratty beach community, complete with Hern Rats… Pronounced "ooh-leck" with a soft eck end
Founded in 4200 Population: 21000 SM: 1 VM: 1

Wa'bin: Contact point with large hovercraft stations, however this area is also very ancient waterfalls which have long been the pride of the area inhabitants. They have only ever allowed a certain number of people around this beautiful place at a time, and thus have kept it very pristine. It is an exclusive area, though for the extremely rich, it is also considered a bit slow paced.
Earthly Equivalent: imagine what could have happened to Yellowstone if only… Pronounced "wah-bean"
Founded in 1225 Population: 20500 SM: 1 VM: 1

B'mer: A mining area, far more difficult to reach than even some Fi'ir mountain tops. It is here that Alabaster has many mining facilities, purification plants and manufacturing hoverstations. It wouldn't be difficult to estimate that at least half the people living there are there in some way working for, Bayaran to or Owned by an Alabaster employee.
Earthly Equivalent: Try putting some buildings on a Tibetan mountainside Pronounced "buh-mare"
Founded in 1051 Population: 12000 SM: 1 VM: 1