Name Tedry Fiorion Milonna Zanaeger Chyssen Halaeny
Gender male male female male female male
Age 12 11 15 14 10 11
Origin Peaks Wood Plains Plains Wood Plains
Height very tall quite tall short towering average unusually tall
Build bulky muscular lithe slender slender skinny
Skin Red brown Albino Tanned Fair Light Brown Ruddy
Hair Obnoxiously blond Pale Platinum Silver Brown Pale Blond Slate
Eyes Pale teal Amber Hazel Brown lt Blue dk Blue
Skills Trade Animal Appraisal Animal Driving Artistry Bowery Scout
Knacks Perception Beast Taming Stories Con Art Aim Climbing
Dragon Blue Ehteleth Light Green Akuaneth Coppery Gold Reginath   Female Brown Hildemeceth Bronze Rath
Hatched Tiynarea Draco's Inferno Shinack   Darkling Dawn Keandyn
Clutch 11, white Ziiareth and black Delduwath 5, Green Naith and White Vaakth 2, unknown parents   14, Red-Green-Silver-Gold Jubilerth & Silver-White Quartzeth  
Pet   Green Monster   Bronze Glim Blue Arrow  


Meanwhile, as the others bonded or waited or trained...

Shinack was not quite desolate, exactly... But Milonna wondered what had happened to the place. It was kind of somber, but hopeful. There were eggs on the sands that the weyrwoman didn't want there. What was up with that?

The white-haired young woman paced around and tried to make sure she knew what she was doing here. She gulped back a bit of fear: there would be thread to fight, mating flights if she impressed a female...

And how could she not, right? Impressing a female dragon would be the only option for her. She wasn't monosexual (everyone knew that) and she wasn't all rough and tumble like some women in the caravans. She was... Milonna.

When the eggs were displayed to Milonna, she knew something was a bit... off. Not quite 'wrong' but, in her mind there was something just strange about a queen hosting eggs that apparently were not her own nor were ready to hatch at one time like other eggs.

Not that Milonna had been near any eggs before. But that was just the whole mythos of dragons on Pern! Why, the thought of just impressing made most people thrilled - and everyone knew that eggs hatched on time and all at once.

Apparently not.

Much not.

Because practically from the moment she was at Shinack's sturdy dark stone hall, Milonna had this weird itchy feeling all over her. She knew that it was something to do with dragons... Just... what? Was she allergic to them? Of course not - the dragons and riders at Dragonhope proved that.

With one or two others nearby, Milonna watched a couple of the eggs begin to stir when they were next on the sands.

A lovely green white colored female impressed a girl first off. Because there was one fully white dragon at Dragonhope, Milonna knew that the lore of there only being five true colors of dragons had to be mistaken. A half-white half-green shaded dragonet would come under 'what' category then? She wondered...

Then, after a short time two males erupted from shells. Milonna couldn't help but gasp though - a red and a silver! Neither of those colors had ever really been seen properly at Dragonhope, had they? She'd have to go back and hit the records chamber again. Though her reading was still a bit slow compared to guild-born types, Milonna's smart mind could handle the complicated words. She was positive she'd never seen red nor silver in the records.

Then the strangest thing happened. A noise like she'd never heard came through Milonna's ears - or did it come through her mind? Everything sounded - - - expanded! That was the term she was looking for! Like a volume of air was suddenly brought in. It subsided.

While the large gold-shaded hatchling crept from her shell. She was stunning. Milonna heard the weyrleader and woman making odd comments, surprise tinting their voices. This was an odd color compared to red and silver?! Milonna laughed to herself.

Then she got a strange sound in her mind again - like the sound of rushing air before - which said, I am not odd. I am yours. You know that. Don't you?

Milonna gasped, and watched as the coppery-shaded gold dragoness walked toward her. She was gigantic, and Milonna heard the locals claiming that she'd tower over others. A queen in the making.


Reginath is my name, the coppery-gold said.

"I know... I know it is, Reginath..." Milonna breathed, crying. The dragonet put her head up against Milonna's waist, adeptly standing on her hind legs. "Let's get some food in you. I'm just now realizing that all that itchy feeling was you, in your shell..." Then a little light dawned in her mind, "and when you broke shell your hearing changed! I could hear with you!"

And I have made you hungry too? I am hungry!

"You sure are!" Milonna said,  and helped her new dragonet off the sands while the other locals still bickered about whether she'd be welcome at Dragonhope or not. Of course she would be. They had only one full queen there.

I will be their next? Reginath bespoke, warmly while scarfing down a bowl of meat.

"I ... I think you will be," Milonna said with a wide smile. Contented.

Tedry was content to wander Tiynarea's halls alone, but he preferred to be in on discussions. He'd listen in, then people would see him, and look away quietly. He knew he was a little different than everyone else. But that didn't make him any less good for a dragon, did it? They were all Searched, right?

It was when a small caravan of wanderers came to the Weyr that Tedry's skills showed up in full. The headwoman and her crew hardly had any experience dealing with this type of group. Tedry strode up with confidence and gave a sign with his hand that he was 'one of them' to the travelers. Though they were surprised, the group suddenly warmed up and started their bartering.

Afterwards, it seemed Tedry was a bit more popular, especially with anyone who wanted to get something from or to someone else! But that paled shortly, because the call went up for the hatching!

Though Tedry knew that there were such things as black and white dragons, he'd never seen one before coming to the sands at Tiynarea. The white mistress of the clutch was a bit put off by everyone even being near her eggs - she was fiercely overprotective of them!

But after all, what mother isn't?

Tedry's thoughts of his own mother were dim, he considered that dragons were much better at it.

The female grudgingly allowed one or two of her hatchlings to come out from between her forelegs, and that suddenly disappointed Tedry. He thought he was meant to watch the hatching - the hatching, which meant the eggs breaking open! With a little knot in his gut, he watched as the first couple dragonets chose their partners.

Finally, after a play of this hide-and-seek, the dragoness lifted her wings and the last of her small clutch bolted out from her protection. Tedry thought that they really wanted to go, find their pairs. That worked well for lots of people - immediately the blues and green sought out their partners!

And one blue came up to Tedry, after the boy next to him paired up and impressed. Hungry feelings went through Tedry's gut, and the words from his dragonet eagerly shot through his mind.

Oooh! Me too! Me too! Though Tedry knew the name of this blue, Ehteleth, he hadn't a clue what the dragonet wanted too!

"You too, what, Ehteleth?" He asked, confirming the impression and speaking the dragon's name. Curious, he sought out the blue's eager young mind.

Which there was merely one word in response: FOOD!

Laughing, T'dry helped the still-wet hatchling from the sands. With this glorious feeling in his heart, T'dry somehow didn't miss the eggshell-breaking so much!

Though F'iori worked hard at keeping up with the 'guyz' during classes, it soon became apparent that Akuaneth and he were better suited for the more eclectic work of transport and paperwork. He was strong enough to ride and make contributions to the dragonry, but he was albino in skin and had trouble remaining outside in the bright sunlight during training. The twilight hours and early mornings seemed to work best for him.

The same times that many of the vampires were there, but... Whatever.

Akuaneth butted her head against his shoulder, dislodging the sleepy Monster and making her angrily squawk and fly off.

I wish to meet these friends you keep dreaming about, she bespoke.

"And pretty soon you will," F'iori assured her. "You're flying pretty well now, and once we learn how to go between, we're supposed to transfer back to Dragonhope."

A feeling of glee and hope filled the dragoness, and therefore F'iori. He spent the rest of the day with a big smile on his face.


With the winds at their back, and the Red Star at a safe distance, F'iori and his lovely pale green Akuaneth flew over the white-lavender hillsides and water line near Dragonhope. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

I thought I was the most beautiful! Akuaneth complained.

"This is the most beautiful landscape then," he laughed. "I wonder when we will see my friends... We went through so much together, but ..." he got a little sad, but perked up when he realized, "we spent more time apart than together! I wonder if we'll be in a wing together?"

If they are good, perhaps, the dragoness thought. So she really was as silly and vain as all that. F'iori laughed loudly on their way down to the Weyr...

When Milonna wrote to Dragonhope, it was one of her very first real letters to anyone. Her hand shook but she kept her penmanship neat by breathing slowly and concentrating. She wrote about her new dragon, and that she was a bit... different in color. She hoped that Dragonhope would accept her, should she return with an oddly colored female.

Using one of Shinack's local firelizards trained to send and recieve mail, she bid the bronze to go to Weyrwoman Kira. As Reginath picked her way through a number of lunches (fish, fresh meat, a small tunnel snake that had exited just beside their weyr), Milonna nervously waited a response. Would they be allowed to return? Some of the locals kept her worried, the whole time they were growing.

She would be queen sized, and with a bearing that her name bore out - regal. Reginath stood tall, her head and neck poised, even as a weyrling. They were all just learning to fly, but Reginath conquored the air as easily as she'd conquored Milonna's heart.

Abruptly startling the girl, the bronze flitter arrived again with a scroll in his paws. He accepted a scratch on the neck and a small piece of dried meat as a reward and flew off to his real owner. Milonna wasn't sure she wanted to open the letter. After all, it might be telling her that she should not return...

Well, what does it say? You might be able to read but I cannot... Reginath bespoke her.

"It says..." Milonna's hands shook, while she opened the scroll and squinted at the print. "It... says that we are more than welcome, and will be entertaining the idea of a full queen's weyr on our arrival!" Her words spilled over one another, in her excitement. "Oh Reginath you will be their next queen! You will be!"

And you their next weyrwoman, Reginath reminded her.

"I wonder... who would be my weyrleader..." There was another pang of worry - what if Zan didn't... But she refused to think more on that. They had flight practice now...