Name Tedry Fiorion Milonna Zanaeger Chyssen Halaeny
Gender male male female male female male
Age 12 11 15 14 10 11
Origin Peaks Wood Plains Plains Wood Plains
Height very tall quite tall short towering average unusually tall
Build bulky muscular lithe slender slender skinny
Skin Red brown Albino Tanned Fair Light Brown Ruddy
Hair Obnoxiously blond Pale Platinum Silver Brown Pale Blond Slate
Eyes Pale teal Amber Hazel Brown lt Blue dk Blue
Skills Trade Animal Appraisal Animal Driving Artistry Bowery Scout
Knacks Perception Beast Taming Stories Con Art Aim Climbing
Dragon Blue Ehteleth Light Green Akuaneth Coppery Gold Reginath Bronze Torsyth Female Brown Hildemeceth Bronze Rath
Hatched Tiynarea Draco's Inferno Shinack Tripaldi Darkling Dawn Keandyn
Clutch 11, white Ziiareth and black Delduwath 5, Green Naith and White Vaakth 2, unknown parents 9, Gold Frinaith & Bronze Toshikoth 14, Red-Green-Silver-Gold Jubilerth & Silver-White Quartzeth  
Pet   Green Monster   Bronze Glim Blue Arrow  


T'dry and Ehteleth mastered flight both quickly and without incident. He really preferred to be up there in the skies, able to notice all kinds of things that can't be seen on the ground. He saw a group of traders, and a little farther on he saw...

"Ehteleth, bring us carefully around that big rock, set down on the road around it. Can you do that?"

Of course I can! I see them too.

They soundlessly winged downwards, avoiding being seen by the group of thieves that had camped out just behind a jut of rock. It would be all but impossible to see them from the road, but they clearly knew the area well and would have the advantage against the traveling traders.

Until the blue and his rider stepped in of course!


T'dry and Ehteleth graduated and were to be sent back to Dragonhope, as scouts and sweep riders. T'dry knew that he was also going to be working directly with the Headwoman, his barter skills were sharper than ever after two years at a foreign weyr.

He'd grown up, like his dragon. He'd never be a handsome man, but his dark skin and bright blond locks would always cause a bit of a stir in gathers or meetings. His sense of honor and justice were growing strong too. They had brought in a big brown to help deal with the thief problem and all but wiped out the dangers of the area near Tiynarea - for the time being. He'd have to do the same by Dragonhope.

"Zan hasn't come back yet?" He asked of Milonna, as she paced around in her big Queen's den. T'dry was pretty well awed by the copper-gold, and was quite happy with his medium-sized blue as his own bond. "Well he'd better come along soon, because... well..."

T'dry tossed his head at the dragoness, who was also pacing. On her ledge, off of it. Into her den, back out.

Milonna's eyes grew wide, "no, she can't... Not yet..." Her voice was but a whisper, but T'dry heard her.

"He'll come soon enough. He has to. You're like, completely right for each other... Even I know that."

Milonna nodded, and hoped that her proddy dragoness would hold out just a little longer. Just a little.

Zanaeger was at Tripaldi for what felt like forever. Though new candidates came every day, and the eggs grew harder and more lively by the sevenday, and Zanaeger wondered more often when they were going to hatch. When they were brought in to touch and talk to the eggs, he felt a little weird. He was sure that something would go wrong if the eggs were messed with. Zanaeger found himself becoming rather... superstitious!

Thus when the hatching started with two greens and a blue... his heart sank. This wouldn't bode well. But looking at the newly Impressed folks, and feeling a stronger and stronger hunger and itch in the back of his mind, he realized it didn't much matter who hatched first - as long as there was someone present to Impress them, that's all that mattered!

And when those three had impressed, a big bronze hatched from probably the second largest shell in the bunch! He was handsome, this bronze, with big paws and a proud head. He swept away the shell with his tail, and began his strut toward the candidates. And when he faceplanted right next to his egg, Zanaeger was the first to feel his anger.

Not because he was in the way. But because their minds were joined. He heard cheering, people in the stands were clapping and hooting for him. Him? Why yes, they were. "Torsyth, you're going to have to work on that presentation. Otherwise you'll never impress the ladies!"

All I want to impress is some food. But ladies sound nice. What are they? And where?

Z'an chuckled and led the bronze out of the sands, sure that this partnership would be the best in the world.

Z'an and dark bronze Torsyth quickly became known around Tripaldi as the pair that would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Well, nothing shy of being yelled at by the Weyrling master, or the cook - because she was apt not to feed them when he misbehaved!

After nearly a year practicing drills and formations and theory on the ground, they started hooking up their gear and getting used to a saddle. Torsyth proudly wore his, knowing that since that first day he hadn't tripped an inch (unless you count that one time he fell into the lake, or the other where they slipped out of the weyr ... but that was because some idiot dimglow left soapy water all over the place! How were they to know it was there?!) and looks were everything.

But Z'an remained aloof when it came to the local girls. They were almost on the verge of anger, when he finally sat one of them down - the prettiest and probably most aggressive of the bunch - and told her why he would remain loyal to his girlfriend back at Dragonhope. Weyr girls were very nice, smart, pretty, and strong. But there was only one Milonna.