Name Tedry Fiorion Milonna Zanaeger Chyssen Halaeny
Gender male male female male female male
Age 12 11 15 14 10 11
Origin Peaks Wood Plains Plains Wood Plains
Height very tall quite tall short towering average unusually tall
Build bulky muscular lithe slender slender skinny
Skin Red brown Albino Tanned Fair Light Brown Ruddy
Hair Obnoxiously blond Pale Platinum Silver Brown Pale Blond Slate
Eyes Pale teal Amber Hazel Brown lt Blue dk Blue
Skills Trade Animal Appraisal Animal Driving Artistry Bowery Scout
Knacks Perception Beast Taming Stories Con Art Aim Climbing
Dragon Blue Ehteleth Light Green Akuaneth Coppery Gold Reginath Bronze Torsyth Female Brown Hildemeceth Bronze Rath
Hatched Tiynarea Draco's Inferno Shinack Tripaldi Darkling Dawn Keandyn
Clutch 11, white Ziiareth and black Delduwath 5, Green Naith and White Vaakth 2, unknown parents 9, Gold Frinaith & Bronze Toshikoth 14, Red-Green-Silver-Gold Jubilerth & Silver-White Quartzeth Gold Kedeawen & Silver Etyth
Pet   Green Monster   Bronze Glim Blue Arrow  



Z'an was put in front when it came to flying the formation back to Dragonhope. Even though it was Aniz and her perfect memory that led them to the right exact spot in time and space, it was he and Torsyth that swept in front and bugled loudly to announce their long awaited arrival.

At least, he hoped it would be awaited... It'd been almost two years, after all. Milonna might have found herself a new guy or some rider...

Oh stop it, she'd never cheat on you, and look - there she is! Torsyth clipped Aniz's gold's wing on his way down to the weyrbowl, where a coppery colored gold was flying upward to meet them.

It was true - they were.... a matching pair! This dark bronze and the speckled gold, they would certainly make a great couple!

Milonna waited on the ground, she hadn't had time to put a riding harness on. Though Reginath was not as big as Aniz's Tripaldi gold, she was more than big enough to be a queen some day! Fortunately that day was not quite yet - both she and Torsyth were too young to really devote to a mating flight. Plus, the copper-gold was not in heat.

When she would be... Even the weyrleader's bronze better look out, because he wouldn't be welcome at that flight!