Membayar Status

The lawgivers and moneylenders of the world

Second to Owners in class, and functioning as a pair to them in financial ability. They are the lawyers, bankers, administrators and busy-workers of Zekira. They generally have less time on their hands than even Slaves. They are referred to as Master or Mistress, and in times past have been simply known as "Bonders". That got confusing, what with their Bonds being called Bonds, so the title was changed. (Too many Bonds for the Box. Long story.)

They are the wiliest of the people, and not only keep on top of the laws of any given nation, but they make most of them work. Bureaucracy reigns with Membayar. They do not openly scoff at the frivolous nature of Owners, but they would if given a chance. They are too busy to attend most of the events sponsored by Owners to mingle with that class. Membayar use temporarily Not-Free-Workers in precisely the same way that Slaves are used by Owners, with the exception that they must pay the individual for their work. If someone cannot pay off their debt, the Membayar must transfer their Bond (or Bayaran) to someone who can Own them. None of this stops Membayar from being into other things, music, racing or whatnot. A Lord, Two Bonders and their Mistress wouldn't be the same if they all didn't have a love of being seen and heard. Many FreeLandHolders who Retitle to Membayar do so because they have the money and time to take on a Bayaran or two, but their own work still comes first: the owner of a garage might still be a mechanic in his own right, but then Bonds on a couple people to help lift things and do the clean-up.

Membayar are nearly evenly split male/female, with the women being more careful about their investments, the men being more aggressive in their intents. Also, a larger difference is that most actual Lawyers are female, while many whose professions are less legally oriented are male.

Membayar have a symbol of a pair of circles, one larger than the other, separate, but contained within a further circle (it's a figure 8 with one smaller circle). Earthly equivalents are Lawyers, small business owners or people who have earned and invested their money.

Working in the world of finances, but just as likely to be the owners of family businesses that have hired workers as well, the class of Membayar is one which has several facets. The largest class of Membayar is that group born into their work. They seem to have a built in ethic of work which gives them a sharp eye for detail and money matters, and are often the more likely ones found purely in finance. The second group are those who have Raised into the Status from either Free Worker or Land Holder, out of necessity is the usual way. Membayar are often seen by their Owner counterparts to be stuffy, tight lipped, unhappy people. Owners, of course, have no idea what they're talking about when questioned about that.

Membayar children are often born to a world of pleasant stability, quite similar to that of the Free Land Holder. When given an education, they are most likely placed with others of their Status or below, for the maddening Owner children are quite the pain. They are offered slightly more advanced classes in math, literature and other things they may show promise in, and are also expected to excel at these things more than other children. Like the Land Master test, when they have passed their Status exam, they are given a Unit of land in their Birth city's zone. Rare is the case when a Membayar child turns this Unit down. However, it is most often sold off once they have a good idea of what they will want from their life.

This is primarily because of the Membayar attitude: Inheritances mean a lot to them, primarily because once they're in the family business, they're in it for their lives. And for their own children if that is what it takes. It is common to see children of Membayar families learning their trade (be it banking, woodworking or Land Law) from their parents at an early age. They are free with that family-based knowledge, but extremely tight with it to strangers. Many teachers are Membayar, this gift for learning and showing others the way is just as important to pass on... It doesn't hurt to teach how to learn.

Those moving into the Status because of their new found monetary ability often are in a whole world of numbers. It takes a carefully trained Master to truly understand all the laws involved in lending money, for City by City there are many different laws. The rule of thumb for newcomers: stick with what you know. If you are in the money because of your mechanical aptitude, stay with the job. Don't run around tossing money at "needy" people. That will lose you a lot of it quickly and get you into trouble sooner than you think. There have been many cases of a LandMaster retitling to Membayar and then going into Bond himself when he has lent too much!

Investing is the Membayar's best method of gaining money. Property, more than anything else, is a wise choice. Membayar tend to have larger chunks of land Held in one place than many less experienced holders, they often run businesses which can easily be filled with Bayaran and not worry about the turnaround time. Larger and more experienced Bond agencies are groups of Membayar with the same goal: invest in the future and get other people to do the hard work. Agencies form around the needs of larger companies such as construction firms, Steed race attendants, large farms and other large people-needs. Quantity over quality? Not always, but mostly. A High Holder uses agencies to put new foundations down in remote locales when they don't have the Slave force trained for it. Owners often use agencies to rush in those personal attendants at huge parties and the clean up crews afterwards. A pool of money is often involved in agencies, though for higher Status (Suzerain or High Holder) it is often one person's and none other.

Many Membayar of young age or of inexperienced time might take only one Bayaran at a time. Careful management is their key feature. Also, some young Masters are offered their first Bayaran from their family itself: there are Bonds which get passed down (with the accompanying changes in contract) to the new generation if they are bound to outlive their original agent. This is an easy way to start up, it s not completely necessary that a Membayar actually have a Bayaran being paid off under them to keep the title. Once it's earned, it usually sticks.
As mentioned before, the Bayaran does not have to obey their Master. Membayar look to this as more of an excuse to stay in Bond, rather than to liberate them emotionally. There are camps of Membayar who feel that if their Bayaran might be made to obey them as Slaves did, while they were in Bond, they could work more quickly, to the point, and get it over with rather than hanging on and ignoring commands. If they had a respect for the Bayaran Status they might avoid it in the future. But no. There are many laws to protect the Bayaran, mainly so that the Bond doesn't feel like a Slave, so there is some distinction in attitude above and beyond the services they render. Some Membayar allow much more freedom than others, it all depends on how much money they already have and why they've chosen to take someone on as a Bayaran in the first place.

As the Land Masters before them, most Membayar families are stable and stick together for life. If they have marriage troubles they are far more likely to settle them and move on in a friendly manner than to start back stabbing and get vindictive (that is not to say that it doesn't happen). It is also fairly common to have a Master with a mistress... so to speak. Membayar are flexible about their love lives, however they mostly know that having but one mate all their lives can become dull. Either partner is apt to want a clause in their marriage contract which states something to the effect that if they are in need of a brief change, they may find someone new and come back to their married mate later. Some jealousy exists, but around Membayar, it's all contractual.

They have the same views on Breeding as most: when can we do it? Since many Breeding agencies use Membayar to write up contracts and organize things, Membayar commonly write into their own marriage or Inheritance contracts that they shall be available if fertile. Since there is more to Inheritance than just who you're born to, care and attention is paid to any Breeding centers if they are contracted.

Specialists of Bonding include law and policing, politics and public service. Membayar are able to run for all but the highest offices, and are often called upon to run the elections. There are elections going on all the time, all around the world, and there are Bond agencies designed to take all that information and make sure that the world knows who is running where. They also keep track of Slave births, Breeding work, and anything else involving people and money. It is to the chagrin of Owners that their auctions are run by Membayar-run agencies. Agencies directly pay for groups of Bayaran at once, then move the group around either physically or financially. Some Bayaran have no idea who they actually have been paid by or for, after these twisted relations.

Membayar are able to buy and sell land anywhere they can, and it is common to see huge Units laying unused for generations while the value of the surroundings grows. They are the only Status perhaps that feels that unused Land is still a great investment. Suzerain take it and build, High Holders take it and Steed. Membayar... They are able to just let it sit and watch it roll over into their next investment.

There are flamboyant and loud Membayar, witness the musical group "a Lord, Two Bonders and their Mistress". It just wouldn't be the same without them. However, it is not exaggerating to say that they are a rarity in the real world. It seems they are only incidentally Membayar, rather than on purpose. These which act more like Owners or Land Masters in their work or attitude are always born into their Status, rather than attaining it later in life.

When a Membayar dies, most often, all their Inheritances are carefully laid out for all to see. It is rare that a Membayar doesn't have a full Will made after each new investment they've made. Though attitudes and hearts may change, most often people who start out in a will are still there through the bitter end.
Mostly to make them feel guilty.

Membayar Game Information
"Let's make a deal, you and me..."
-Membayar Everywhere

Who Works For You...
You may hire anyone including High Holders if they are willing. Your primary work force, though,are people in debt.

What You Do...
That's right, you are a Lawyer, Banker or similar worker, administrative work comes naturally to you. You make it your business to take those poor defenseless so-called-Free Workers and assist them out of their debts. You pay back their money and they work for you. See how it all comes together? You're like Master Card, only someone is actually paying attention to the amount of money involved! And you get to watch them work, sometimes. Usually from your nice air conditioned office window.

Where You Work... Anywhere. Membayar are Everywhere.

How Breeding Has Affected You...
Not much. About 80% of Membayar are born into their Status, and of those left most are raised from Free Land Holders or lowered from Owners, Suzerain or High Holder.
If you are worried about how your breeding sits, here's a chart.
01-35% Natural
36-70% B1 (B2 and B3 are not available to be born into this status)
71-80% B4
81-90% B5 specialized in something, choose one mutation
91-100% B6 with the exception that your parents were volunteers or even married, not selected. Choose two mutations.

Rights of Membayar
Most administrative jobs are filled by Membayar, therefore many laws that affect them are in fact created by them. They vote and may be elected to office, but they usually have much more time devoted to their other duties. They may not legally Own any Stock, but they have Bayaran up the wazoo. Membayar who begin working in their official field start out by looking at their bank credits, and pretty much placing advertising that they are in business. They may Bond as many people as they have funds to support. In turn, the Bayaran must work off their debts plus a standard fee (which varies depending on the nature of the debt). As mentioned above, some places have twisted laws regarding payments. In the World section those places will be detailed.

Owners. They piss Membayar off. Their nature is so totally opposite to Membayar that this is bound to cause trouble.

Lands Held Rates Bonds
1d6 Holds 2,3 1d20/year

Stat Roll Natural B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6
Intelligence 30+7d10 +5 +5 * * +10 +5 +10
Education 50+3d10 +15 +5 * * +10 +10 +15
Strength 20+6d10 - - * * +5 - +/-10
Health 10+8d10 - - * * +5 +10 +10
Agility 20+8d10 +5 - * * +5 +5 -
Reaction 10+9d10 +5 - * * +10 +10 +10
Appearance 10+9d10 - - * * - - +5
Charisma 20+8d10 +5 +5 * * +5 +10 +/-10
Social Skill 50+1d10 +15 +5 * * +10 +10 +15
Aggression 10d10 -5 -5 * * +5 +5 +/-10
Sanity 20+8d10 +5 +5 * * - - +/-5
Courage 10+8d10 - - * * - +5 +/-5

Here they are again - the Membayar Haesh and Osh Chanay. Though as different in appearance as night and day (Haesh is night - Osh is day) they are both the sons of an extremely talented Mistress. Iolen Chanay raised her sons to be polite, sensible, and talented. However she could never prepare them for the parties that they'd get invited to, the accidental adventures they'd get swept up in, nor any of the weird stuff that went on in their lives after they met up with Mirage and her group. Digital background rendered by someone in Bryce - used with permission.