Outsiders and the Unknown

Immortality is a disaster

There are people living in Zekira who do not have any Status at all, yet are able to function somewhat in the society. Some of those people are of Unknown Status. Unknown people have either been living outside of the society so long that they or their offspring have no contact (and perhaps don't want it) or they live in a place unrecognized by Zekirans. The few colonists living on Neres for instance are pretty much considered Unknown.

Typically, Unknown folk look and feel heavily Bred - escaped B6 terraformers, swimmers of any kind, and spliced experiments aren't often seen around anyway. Unknown characters might be found in a campaign on Neres or in the wilds, or perhaps in a far distant time (future OR past). They are a tiny, but amazing, group.


Outsiders are another story. Directly connected to Etan, Archeria and other occasional immortal scientists, the Outsiders only exist after the year 11000. Technically their number is much greater than originally noticed (thought to be at fewer than two dozen). The real thing, counting the number of truly immortal people out there, is an unlikely two or three hundred and gaining.

Outsider Status is far more complicated for such a simple uniting factor: they're all immortal. Some immortals have been able to live in and around normal folk without attracting attention. However after the year 11000 their population soars (well, it quadruples anyway) and there are a number of them who are well-known to be new (cloned) versions of old (dead) people. Their souls ripped from the afterlife by people with the sort of Psionics it takes to do so, this group is a sorry bunch, and very angry at that. By attracting attention to themselves, they make it quite known that there are in fact immortals running around... Which causes more Breeders to try finding out how they're doing it, leading to a conundrum of sorts for legal reasons. They cannot Hold, Own, Bond or even have an officially paying job, yet they must survive somehow... Most of them cannot die by conventional means, they can in fact be "killed" but most often their bodies recover and their "soul" is replaced quickly if not somehow kept separate. Hope that your characters are not of this non-Status, it's dismal, far more so than simple Exile. Everyone knows what to do with Exiles, but what in the world can you do with a cloned immortal Breeder who can't legally save someone's life? Or with their child when it's also yours?

Most Outsiders are quite fertile. This fact alone causes Breeders of the age to twitch: they have old genes and some of them are already quite prevalent within society by that time. (For instance, the number of people in the general population who have either Kshau/Kstet, Marad or Sengihr/Veh genes - or more often combinations of all of those - is close to 10 percent of the entire population of the world! That is what happens when Breeders latch on to usable strong genes!) During the course of the first thousand years of the Outsiders' existence, they created at least three dozen more slightly less immortal versions of themselves with random mates along the way. And a bunch with each other.

The life of an Outsider is terribly lonely. Not quite as bad as exiles, however they fall through a crack in Zekiran society which could never have been predicted. There is nothing outright wrong about them, most are quite human in appearance and those who are not have features which are stunning or helpful. But, as any Outsider could claim, they simply creep people out by existing. There is something wrong about a person who is supposed to be dead being brought back to life.

Their souls ought to be at rest, some experts say. Most Outsiders would agree.

They move from city to city, some able to get work more easily than others. Since the first group of true Outsiders were created from people found in the "current" time line, they have the education and expectations of their lives of that era. They have had to adjust and some could not do it. They seek out their old friends and find nothing but dust. They try to reclaim their ancestral homes and their own Inheritances only to find that they have long since been divested by their descendants.

They cannot die. Most of them want to, for periods, and then go back to loving life the way they did when they had first walked the world. Truly an experiment in psychology that only another immortal could appreciate, they were never designed to live more than their first lives. Alternately insane and morose, vibrant and helpful, the Outsiders are a bunch that must be carefully examined before being judged. That is all they have wanted anyway.
Of course, choosing an Outsider to play would be reserved only for the experienced Gamer as well as the experienced Game Holder. The tragic element should be played up here, but I don't personally recommend playing them at all. They're okay for NPC purposes - they came from any walk of life, any Status, any Breeding. However, their new cloned bodies might not have exactly the same make up as they did before, and their powers might work differently. Create a new character, then kill them. Then, ressurect them into a new body with just enough changes to make them a bit wonky. Then take away all their loves, posessions, holdings, and frequently their memories.

Now you have a pissed off, bitter, sad and lonely Outsider to play. Lovely, isn't it?

Though they do not technically have a true Status, some of the prior well-known immortals (such as High Lord Saxxon, jumping on the High Ownership political bandwagon the moment he was able) have eagerly sought out others of their kind, and would unite them under a proper symbol. This is all they've come up with so far, and of the group perhaps only one tenth actually accepts this little oval-within-ovals. There are obviously no Earthly equivalent of these folks, their physical condition makes it impossible - the "Highlander" immortals are the best fictional match.
If seeking to play a true Outsider campaign, understand that eventually, the Zekiran race will die out entirely.

Except the Outsiders.

What does one do with a world that is filled with ruined cities, wandering flocks of highly-evolved Steeds, psionically enhanced Ferilons, and only about 2000 sentient people?
One builds a ship and leaves - to find other worlds...

Stats don't exist for them...

Why bring him back? Because he was cool. Vanya after 11000 is also the only Outsider - the only living Zekiran in fact - to know how to kill another immortal. He has to do it more than once, since some of the Outsiders go completely insane. He still maintains his dignity somehow - and eventually becomes the Healer for Ablan in Difar. But all things slowly erode, and by the time the Outsiders leave Zekira, he's ready for a change.