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The World of Zekira is a role playing game and world setting, created by Lethe. It is now in the last stages of creation - playtesting - and in order to get this game off the ground and on paper, and in stores, we'd like to ask that you browse around and give feedback of any type... No spam of course!

The entirety of the contents of this site - including images, words, html and individual characters, except where marked, are the exclusive trademark and copyright of Lethe Gray, 2004. Infringement by use of any of the items found on this site without express written permission from Lethe will result in immediate legal action. Linking back prevents any of that nastiness, and spreading the word about the game and its world system are encouraged.

Fonts used can be found at many different sites. I'll try and keep all of them linked. If you can't see any exotic fonts, don't worry - they're just swishy keen. Zekirans like that kind of thing. (Sands of Fire)

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SUBMIT ARTWORK for the game book!

This is a work of fiction. The World of Zekira involves social castes which include slaves. This is not meant to imply anything about Earthly slavery nor to endorse its use. Period.

The World of Zekira is a role playing game. As such, it does require the use of paper, pencil, copied character sheets and a rule book. At this time there is no complete rule book available, but a copy on disc can be sent.

Like most rpg's if you are having trouble distinguishing this game from reality, I the author claim absolutely no responsibility for your actions, should a copy of this game be found anywhere near you if you choose to do something incredibly stupid. If you need help - go get help. Stop playing my game, and by no means insult me by claiming that by playing or somehow posessing my game - or anyone else's for that matter - you were 'harmed' or 'coersed' or 'shown the way' to do anything illegal, immoral, stupid, harmful or otherwise against common sense. It's your problem. Keep it that way.

Some character names or vague likenesses appear with or without the knowledge and/or consent of their original creators. Any complete, paid version of this game will either not include them, or change them enough to avoid any serious legal contentions. In no way should it be inferred that I the author of this game intended to produce plagarized work, steal the profits from, or create derivitave works for profit based upon any of those characters. Any reference to those characters is meant purely as an example and homage to their greatness, how much I love them, and the fact that I could breed those characters by my rules, into my world.